Offering a variety of exquisite dishes and delicious appetizers, our team is determined to create an unforgettable culinary experience for you and your guests.

Wedding Menu

From 92.95$ per person.

Minimum 25 people.

Staff, dish rental and delivery extra.

Add a set of soft drinks to mix for 7$ per person. Includes: lemon, lime, Coke, 7up, sparkling water, tonic water, Clamato, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, celery salt, cranberry juice and orange juice. Ice, staff, alcohol and glassware not included.

  • Prosciutto and cantaloupe pic, basil and balsamic
  • House-smoked salmon, blini, caviar, crème fraiche and dill
  • Mini Canadian beef burger, pickle and tomato
  • Foie gras torchon, brioche bread, tomato jam
  • Scallop crudo, ginger, chili, avocado, sumac 
  • Mini grilled cheese, fontina, prosciutto cotto
  • Marinated trout, fennel, lemon confit, celery
  • Mini pogo crisp, honey mustard
  • Mini crab cake with gribiche sauce
  • Homemade pork rillette, dijon, crostini and pickle
  • Homemade duck rillette, blueberries, beets and maple syrup
  • Salmon tartare, capers, ginger, sesame seeds on crouton
  • Beef tartar, sun-dried tomatoes, Parmigiano and arugula on crouton
  • Arancini with cheeses, whipped goat cheese
  • Arancini with black truffles and pecorino cheese
  • Beet Nigiri, sesame seeds, fresh horseradish, fresh apple, soy reduction
  • Veal polpette, tomato sauce
  • Chicken liver mousse, brioche bread, peach, honey and truffle
  • Veal tataki, tonnato sauce, fried capers, Parmigiano, marinated mushrooms
  • Yellowfin tuna tataki, grilled Lebanese cucumber, ginger and apple emulsion
  • Crispy tofu, burnt tomato mayonnaise (V)
  • Beet tartlet, louis d’or, pistachios and crispy shallots (V)
  • Fried homemade falafel, yogurt and tahini sauce, sumac (V)
  • Cherry tomato and bocconcini pic, pesto and olive (V)
  • Focaccia with herbs (V)
  • Tomato pizza (V)
  • Homemade bruschetta, Parmigiano on crouton (V)
  • Crispy veggie pâté, beet hummus, sumac and pickle (V)
  • Crostini with fontina, mushrooms and pesto (V)
  • Fig and goat cheese tartlet, Port reduction
  • Mini lemon tartlet (V)
  • Mini chocolate tartlet (V)
  • Mini doughnuts (V)
  • Homemade Ferrero Rocher (V)
  • Macaroons (V)
  • Mini cream puffs (V)
  • Homemade marshmallow (V)
  • Homemade jujube (V)
  • Chocolate truffle (V)
  • Mini cupcake (V)
  • British Columbia salmon gravlax, cucumber raita, lemon confit, dill and caraway crumble
  • Italian burrata, beets, pine nuts, olive tapenade and homemade focaccia
  • Scallop crudo, avocado, ginger, pickled chili and citrus soy sauce +5$
  • Prince Edward Island beef carpaccio, buttermilk sauce, quail egg, red watercress
  • Seared yellowfin tuna, fennel, baby kale and crusty bread +$5
  • Butternut squash ravioli with almonds and crispy sage
  • Homemade ricotta gnocchi with pomodoro sauce and parmigiano shavings
  • Homemade cavatelli with wild mushroom cream sauce
  • Paccheri with bolognese sauce
  • Tortellini with duck confit, white onion velouté, chioggia, Parmigiano and smoked bread
  • Grilled sucrine, Caesar dressing, focaccia croutons and Reggiano cheese
  • Baby kale salad, pine nuts, Pecorino and vino cotto
  • Baby arugula salad, candied cherry tomatoes, Parmigiano and aged balsamic
  • Ancestral tomato salad with Italian burrata, olives, focaccia and pesto +5$
  • Estrie roasted chicken breast
  • Prince Edward Island braised short rib
  • Estrie duck breast
  • Alberta lamb shank confit
  • British Columbia salmon
  • Gaspésia halibut +5$
  • Quebec trout
  • Eggplant Parmigiana
  • Barley risotto with beets, kale and preserved lemon


  • Roasted potatoes with herbs
  • Mashed potatoes with truffles
  • Gratin dauphinois
  • Basmati rice with lemon and thyme
  • Caponata
  • Crispy Brussels sprouts
  • Roasted Nantes carrots
  • Fried green beans with almonds

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